Top Tips for Translation Buyers

New to translation? Whether you're an individual or a corporation, follow these basic tips to get high quality results from your translation provider. When your project is completed, remember to give constructive feedback!
Decide whether you need a freelancer or a large agency.

If you have large volumes of text for translation into multiple languages, then you should probably use an agency. But if you have shorter texts, want flexible and attentive service, and appreciate knowing who is directly responsible for the job, then you'll benefit from building a long-term relationship with an independent translator.

Keep it short and simple.

Keeping your text simple and concise will lower your translation costs and focus the readers' attention on your main messages.

Try to plan ahead.

The more time you dedicate to your source text and allow for translation, the less time and money you'll waste on rewrites and retranslation.

Provide reference material when available.

Copies of past translations, translation memories or glossaries help the translator use the correct terminology and do the best job possible, without having to bother you with questions during the translation process.

Provide project details to the translator.

Details include:

  • Purpose of the translation
  • Target audience
  • Language (U.S. or British English, for example)
  • Contact person and invoicing information
  • Any special layout requirements
  • Delivery date