Terminology management

The terms of business

If you're a product or service developer, you know how important it is to “speak your customers' language.” If you work in marketing, you've likely heard that your company needs to “speak with one voice.” To achieve any of these goals, you've got to actively manage the words you use.

Managing terminology means systematically identifying, recording and standardizing important terms and concepts in a specific subject area. This helps you produce clear, consistent communication, whether internally within an organization or externally to customers. Larger companies that operate globally and translate into multiple languages view terminology management as a crucial component of their content management, translation and localization strategies.

The benefits? Higher content quality, lower translation costs and a better brand image.


  • Creation of print-quality glossaries (terms and definitions) for use on your website
  • Creation of terminology database content (terms, definitions and other data categories) for use in a terminology tool of your choice
  • Extraction of terms for a glossary or terminology database from existing bilingual content that you provide
  • Development of style guidelines and branding guidelines
  • Translation memory creation, using bilingual documents that you provide
  • Terminology consulting and tool training by certified trainer in SDL MultiTerm or memoQ