Editing and proofreading

Say it with style

A tiny grammatical error, misplaced punctuation mark or misused word can have huge consequences for your content. Linguistic blunders can confuse, mislead or offend your audience, or in the worst case ruin a product launch or tarnish your image. That's why most texts benefit from a careful review to eliminate stylistic inconsistencies, increase readability and ensure the correct tone of language.

It's not just what you say that matters—it's what other people hear.


  • Editing
    - Correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation
    - Checking that content follows the appropriate style
    - Changing sentence structure and word choices
    - Removing redundancies and clarifying meaning
  • Proofreading (usually involves reviewing a final copy of a manuscript or other material after it has been edited but before it gets published)
  • Bilingual editing (comparing a translation to the original)
  • Post-editing (comparing a machine translation to the original and correcting the final translation)